On-chain derivatives on Algorand

Options, ASA shorting, perpetual swaps, leveraged tokens.

Launch Testnet
Low Fees
Built on the Algorand blockchain. Our derivatives products are low cost and high speed compared to other chains.
No Spreads
Pooled liquidity avoids the issue of large bid/ask spreads on derivative products.
Leveraged Positions
Our derivatives products allow you to reduce your exposure, leverage, or take inverse positions on various assets.



Trade calls and puts on Algo, goBTC, goETH and more!
ASA Lending Vaults

Permissionless lending vaults allow shorting opportunities on ASAs.
Perpetual Swaps

Long and short perpetual futures contracts without the hassle of expiration.
Leveraged Tokens

Tokenized leveraged exposure to Algo, popular ASAs and LP tokens.


Q2 2022
Testnet Launch
Q3 2022
Mainnet Launch
ASA Lending Vaults
Q4 2022
Perpetual Swaps
Q1 2023
Leveraged Tokens
Q2 2023
Governance Token Release

Unlocking Alogrand's Defi Ecosystem